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Laces cotton or polyester

Laces cotton or polyester

Shoelaces Polyester are the most traditional in the shoelace industry and can be used for all kinds of shoes, sports shoes, work shoes as flat or round shoelaces.

Laces for work shoes and hiking boots are particularly important as they ensure the shoe fits snugly and provides support. When working and hiking, strong and sturdy laces are essential to prevent injuries and increase comfort. There are different types of laces for work shoes and hiking shoes, which differ in material and thickness.

Shoelaces made of durable material such as nylon or polyester, which hold up well even in wet weather, are usually suitable for work shoes. Hiking shoes, on the other hand, should have laces made of robust leather or synthetic material in order to hold up reliably even under heavy loads.

It is also important to choose the right thickness of the laces. For work shoes, thicker laces are usually better because they hold up better and last longer. Hiking shoes, on the other hand, often require thinner laces in order to offer enough mobility and flexibility.

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Both types of shoelaces differ in their material composition. Cotton laces are a natural fiber while polyester is a synthetic fiber.

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